About Government Audit

The Indian Audit and Accounts Department, functioning under the Comptroller and Auditor General, derives its authority and the powers for performance of its duties on his hebalf under the provisions of Section of 21 of the CAG's DPC Act, 1971.  Under the directions given by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, the Accountants General and other offices and establishments of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department perform such duties and functions as are imposed on or undertaken by the CAG under the provisions of the Constitution of India, or of any law made by Parliament.

Major auditorial functions of Pr.Accountant General (Civil Audit)

  1. Audit of expenditure conducted under Section 13 of the Act, includes

This audit is aimed at ascertaining whether the moneys shown in the Accounts as spent were legally available for and applicable to the service or purpose to which they had been applied or charged.

The objective of this audit is to see whether the expenditure conforms to the authority which governs it.

Propriety Audit is directed towards examining the propriety of executive action beyond the formality of expenditure to its wisdom, faithfulness and economy.

It is a comprehensive appraisal of the progress and efficiency of the execution of development and other programmes and schemes wherein an assessment is made as to whether these are executed economically and whether they are producing the results expected of them.

The concept of the Systems Audit is that if an an in-depth analysis of the mechanics of the system reveals that it is designed with appropriate controls, checks and balances to safeguard errors, frauds, etc.  Audit can reasonably assume without the necessity of a detailed examination of the individual transactions, that the results produced by the system would be fairly accurate.

  1. Audit of Grants and Loans to various Bodies and Authorities under Sections 14 and 15 of the Act

This Audit is undertaken on the accounts of authorities and bodies receiving financial assistance in the form of grants and or loans from Government of India or a State or Union Territory, subject to certain conditions specified in those sections.

  1. Audit under Section 20

This section deals with audit of bodies or authorities which have not been entrusted to the CAG by or under any law made by Parliament, he shall, if requested so to do by the President or the Governor of a State or the Administrator of a Union territory having a Legislative Assembly, as the case may be, undertake the audit of the accounts of such body or authority on such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon between him and the concerned Government.