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  • No 'more than 1 month' cases are pending in this office.

  • The Accountant General (A&E) is responsible for compilation of the Annual Accounts of the Government of Tamil Nadu for each financial year which has to be placed before the State legislature. The Annual accounts for the year 2003-04 were completed on  31.07.2004, 48 days ahead of the target set by Comptroller & Auditor General of India . For the 4th consecutive year, the Annual Accounts were completed ahead of schedule.  Tamil Nadu was the first state in the country to complete the accounts. The Voucher Level Computerisation project has made this achievement possible.  

  • The distribution of GPF Annual Accounts Slips for  4.75 lakh  GPF Subscribers were distributed from 09.06.04 to 11.06.04.  The distribution was done DDO wise in various Districts, department wise as a special gesture to avoid delay in transmission.

  • Seminars and workshops on GPF are being conducted in all the Districts to improve the quality of GPF accounting and early settlement of claims.  Two such seminars were conducted at the District Collector's office in Villipuram, Tiruvannamalai, Dindigul and Madurai during September/October  2004.  Separate letters have also been issued to DDOs in respect of Final withdrawal cases pending in this Office for a long time for want of certain details / documents such as Legal Heir Certificate, Nomination, etc.  The venue and date of Conduct of future seminars will be notified every month to the respective DDOs.  

  • Pension papers forwarded to this office were processed and disposed of within one month from the date of receipt. No retired official was made to wait for more than one month to receive the pension and other retirement benefits.

  • The  Accountant  General (A&E) has honoured the meritorious officials, listed below, for excelling in various fields including Sports, during Independence Day 2004.

AG's Merit awards - Independence  Day 2004 - Job excellence
M.Krishnan, Sr. AO The right person selected to fill the void in Book & AAD section, he rose to the occasion in oc-ordinating the work in the wing and guided his team to keep up the trend of finalising the Annual Accounts 7 weeks ahead of the target date fixed by Headquarters office.
D.S.Sivaramakrishnan, AAO  An officer with a positive attitude who was instrumental in helping the team in AAD to achieve the target date fixed by A.G in sending the Finance & Appropriation Accounts to Headquarters
J.Gowri, AAO A sincere and diligent officer of AC II who is instrumental in developing the PLI module (including the addressograph of PLI) in Oracle platform with the help of VLC team.
P.K.Parvathi, Sr. Acct. She is a sincere and dedicated team of the AAD team.  Her sincerity and dedication to work in finalising the Accounts is commendable.
D.Vijayakumar, ASO A hardworking and sincere officer, he managed to complete the booking of March (Suppl) 2004 of PW division accounts on the due date despite the absence of three bookers in the section
Vidhya Subramanian, Acct. Having good knowledge of computers, was successful in familiarising the AC module generated through VLC to the members of AC 3 section.
G.Sritharan, AAO He has been the chief instrument in achieving our all time record of making the unposted debit almost 'NIL' (0.002%) and unposted credits (0.22%) as regards the accounts for 2003-04.  His devotion and commitment to duty is unique and deserves appreciation.
Vaidehi Vijayaraghavan, AAO She has been doing very good work as AAO of GPF 33 during the last 2 years.  Her section received the maximum number of final withdrawal cases.  Schedules to the extent of 48.31 lakhs were collected out of her personal interest.  Her excellent performance required special recognition.
V.Manikandan, DEO He has been performing excellently well during the last two years.  One of the best DEOs as regards posting of debits and credits, both quality-wise and quantity wise.  The enthusiasm, involvement, devotion and commitment he expressed at the time of preparation and distribution of GPF Annual Accounts statement for 2003-04 tops the list of his best performance.
R.Madasamy, DEO He has been doing excellent work as Clerk and DEO, both in Foxpro and Oracle.  He expressed good sense of involvement as the member of a team deputed for distribution of GPF Annual Accounts Statement for 2003-04.
V.Jagatha Bai, AAO She has been doing very good work in Funds branch and evinces earnest interest in work.  She took keen interest to collect wanting schedules by visiting field offices.  The keen interest in office work and devotion and sincerity shown by her in spite of being on the verge of retirement requires special mention.
S.Sriram, DEO Has earned the name as successful 'All Rounder' in Funds group.  He used to close broadsheets in FM II which was ordinarily done by an Adhoc SO.  His most valuable contribution was visible at the time of printing and distribution of Annual Accounts Statement for the last two years.
Kalavathy Swaminathan, SAO  She is in charge of 4 sections (2 verification and 2 authorisation).  Despite the fact of receipts being heavy, by her hard work and devotion to duty, she clears all the cases promptly.  whenever any officer proceeds on leave, she volunteers to do additional work.
M.V.Adhiyaman, AO He is in charge of 2 sections (2 verification and 2 authorisation).  He is an extremely sincere and highly capable officer.  In the absence of AAO, he took the initiative to clear the cases.
Vijayammal Glouster, AAO She is in charge of Pension 17 dealing with Education department,  She is a highly capable and hard working officer.  Despite the fact that the Department is complicated and receipts being heavy, she clears the cases promptly.
V.Gajendran, SO He is in charge of Pension 13 which deals with Animal Husbandry, Technical Education and S & P.  He is very sincere and highly efficient.  His enthusiasm to keep the section current deserves appreciation.
R.Ayyaganapathy, ASO He is presently in PAM (pension 29) and looks after the work relating to Central Civil Pension and pensioners like Tamil Mozhi Kavalar, Indigent Artists, Indigent Sports persons and other Misc. special pensions.  His sincerity and devotion to duty are highly appreciable. 
T.Shanthi, Sr. Acct. She is working in Pension 9 section.  She is a very dedicated worker.  She takes great pain in clearing cases/papers promptly.  Her sincerity and dedication need appreciation.
Rita Kalpana, DEO She is working in Pension 7 section.  In the absence of Clerk attached to section, she has taken efforts to attend the work in addition to her work.  Her sincerity and hard work deserves appreciation.
George Mathew, Clerk He is working in Pension Enquiry section and attends to complaints received from CAG's office and complaints addressed to A.G.  He clears all the complaint cases expeditiously.  His involvement in work deserves appreciation.
Uma Raman, Sr. Acct. Deals with pension cases of IA & AD pay bills and LTC of Gr. D staff of A.G (A&E).  During the year she disposed of all the pension cases including Group Insurance cases well in time.  Consequent on implementation of SC judgement, she settled cases involving payment of additional interest due to persons absorbed permanently in PSUs.
G.Kaleeswaran, ASO His contribution in the purchases of furniture, office machines, books and periodicals was remarkable and deserves appreciation.  He along with SO/ Admn. EDP has developed a programme for inventory of dead stock items.
K.Palani, Clerk Has been in the forefront in organising all the official functions and programmes of AGORC.  Effective utilisation of available man power and organising functions on a large scale requires some special and good rapport with staff.  He has been doing very well in this area.
K.Narasiah, K.Venkatesh, Boopalan, Janakiraman and Babu -  Group D. They have been working round the clock to maintain a green and scenic atmosphere of the Office premises.  Their dedication and perspiration have ensured that more areas have turned green in the Office.
V.V.Kumarasamy, ASO Plays a pivotal role in organising training programmes to various cadres of this Office.  Because of his untiring efforts, the recently concluded SOG examination went off smoothly and successfully.  He takes extra efforts to remind the faculties well in advance.
S.Kalyani, AAO She is in charge of GAD II dealing with medical department.  Overpayments to the tune of Rs.1,32,000 were detected by her while scrutinising service registers and amounts were remitted by the concerned officers.  During the year when 6 Accountants were on leave, she managed to clear all the papers with the available Accountants.  
A.Vijayakumar, Clerk He clears all the pension cases without delay, in addition to collecting details of such cases from PAO (Sectt).  At the time of Pay Commission revision he attended 40 cases of another unit lying vacant.  His sincerity and devotion to duty requires commendation. 
S.Baskaran, Counter Clerk, AG's Deptl. Canteen. A sincere and dedicated worker who has not only done the stock taking work manually but also developed keen interest in doing the work on the newly installed computer in the canteen.  He pro-actively involved himself in all the activities of the canteen.  He richly deserves this recognition.
Revathy Swarnakumar, ASO She deals with processing of pension cases and TA claims of the entire office.  She is very efficient and prompt in settling the pensionery benefits well in time.  She is very polite and courteous in answering pensioners' queries.  Likewise TA bills are also settled with speed and accuracy.
K.Balasubramanian, AAO Since October 2000, he has successfully maintained the co-ordination of various units in IAD by his dedication, perseverance and managerial skills.  The main function of IAD is the liaison work with the Director of Inspection.  Due to his persistent efforts, he was able to reduce pending paras from 115 to 16.
K.Arun Kumar, Clerk He has been efficiently handling all the typing work, receiving and diarising of DAK and files from various groups in AG's secretariat.  His computer skills have particularly helped in over all efficiency of work in AGs secretariat.

Departmental canteen :-

The AGs Office Departmental Canteen, functioning in this office is undoubtedly the best amongst the Canteens functioning in various offices all over Tamil Nadu. 

Started as a Co-operative Canteen in the year 1963, it was brought under the administrative control of our Department in the year 1991.  Recently, the existing Canteen has been modernised and its area has also been enhanced to 6500 sq.ft to cater to the needs of both Accounts and Audit employees numbering about 4000.

Some of the salient features available in the renovated Canteen are provision of Steam generator, Rice and Dhal steamer and an electric chimney for effective removal of smoke and steam.   A special orientation training has also been provided to the Canteen employees to serve food items to the employees in a healthy hygienic manner.

Welfare activities :-

A Welfare Cell headed by Welfare Officer in the senior time scale of Group ‘A’ Central Services is functioning in this office to look after the welfare, recreational, cultural and community activities of the staff members of this office. Some of the activities are:

  • Arranging blood donors for needy patients (staff members / their relatives).

  • Conduct of Social Awareness Programmes for the welfare of staff.

  • Arrangements in connection with Independence Day, Republic Day, Martyrs Day & Vigilance Awareness Week etc. celebrations

Sports achievements :-
The Accountants General Office Recreation Club (AGORC) teams consist of players from the offices of AG (A&E), Pr.AG (Audit I) and AG (Audit II) located at Chennai.  These teams play under the banner of “AG Tamil Nadu”.  Some of the achievements are as under:
  • Joint winners of the SIGGIL Trophy held in Chennai in June 2004.

  • South Zone I.A & A.D Football Tournament, held in April 2004 - Winners.

  • Inter Zone I.A & A.D Football Tournament - RUNNERS UP .

  • 2 players represented T.N State for National games.

  • Team was runner up in I.A & A.D / South Zone tournament

  • Shri A.Mahesh Devaraj and Ms M.S Radha were Runners up at the Singles event for Men and Women respectively.

Table Tennis
  • Shri K.Srivatsa of A.G (TN) won the Individual title at the State level ranking T.T tournament held in Chennai during October 2004.

Celebrations held during the 'Hindi Week'                              

Release of In-house Magazine - SAARAL                                     

Cover of SAARAL - August 2006SAARAL, the tri-lingual in-house magazine is being published from the millennium year 2000 onwards under the able guidance of AG (A&E). 

View the front page of Saral Magazine.

Saral 2006 Issue

Important GO/OM/CAG Circulars

Government Orders :-

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